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Übungen zur Moderne 2

Übungen zur Moderne – Internal schooling with Steffen Zillig; second exercise: Class, Statusangst and cultural capital.
Resources: W. David Marx "Status and Culture" (excerpts)

W. David Marx: "Rigid status systems lead to stagnancy in art. When economic capital is the exclusive means of distinction, elites are satisfied with simple symbols based on wealth." (Photo: Andrzej Steinbach)
(Photo: Andrzej Steinbach)
W. David Marx: "From what we've seen so far, the skepticism toward cultural capital has done little to flatten hierarchy; in fact, it has made economic capital a much more powerful asset in signaling." (Photo: Andrzej Steinbach)
W. David Marx: "Judging by the social origin of our artistic heroes [...] the ability to deeply understand culture is not classist." (Photo: Andrzej Steinbach)