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Übungen zur Moderne 1

Übungen zur Moderne – Intern schooling by Steffen Zillig, first exercise: aporias of the avantgarde. Furthermore: the creation of genres and the will to form in 90's rap and the late drawings of Picasso.
Resources: Hans-Magnus Enzensberger "Aporien der Avantgarde", Jan von Brevern "Kunst ohne Gattung"

Briefing Room (Photo:
Steffen Zillig (Photo: Elena Conradi)
Heiner Conradi, Alex Wissel, Steffen Zillig and Andrzej Steinbach (Photo: Elena Conradi)
Jan von Brevern: "Kunst ohne Gattung" (Merkur 10/2020)
Comparing Picassos late drawings with the liking for variations in the rap of Notorious B.I.G. and M.F. Doom. (Photo: Elena Conradi)
Alex Wissel, Elena Conradi, and Andrzej Steinbach (Photo: Heiner Conradi)