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The Shape of Art to Come 1

The Shape of Art to Come – Seminar series by Hans-Jürgen Hafner, first session: On the issue of form in modern and recent art.
Resources: Andreas Spiegl "Die Formel als vererbte Form", Helmut Draxler "Krise als Form", Sophia Prinz "Relative Autonomie"

Hans-Jürgen Hafner: "To distinguish between "form" and "content" is a basic art critical operation." (Photo: Andrzej Steinbach)
Hans-Jürgen Hafner: "In recent art practice and discourse the issue "form" is hardly ever addressed – as if "content", usually mixed-up with artistic "intention", would ever be available without taking on form." (Photo: Andrzej Steinbach)
(Photo: Andrzej Steinbach)
Sophia Prinz: "Relative Autonomie" (Photo: Andrzej Steinbach)
Hans-Jürgen Hafner: "From social theory we can adapt an understanding of form as (a set-up of) differential acts." (Photo: Andrzej Steinbach)
Hans-Jürgen Hafner: "According to Adorno form is itself "sedimented content". To speculatively fix the shape of art to come form needs to be readdressed in its genealogical and generic dimension." (Photo: Andrzej Steinbach)