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The Shape of Art to Come 2

The Shape of Art to Come – Seminar series by Hans-Jürgen Hafner, second session: Repetition/Innovation. On the Issue of Modernity.
Resources: Peter Osborne "The Postconceptual Condition" and "The Agent of a Secret Discontent: Discourses of Art, Discourses of the World.", Fredric Jameson "A Singular Modernity (Conclusion)" and "The Ancients and the Postmoderns"

Hans-Jürgen Hafer: "'Modern' is neither suitable as an insult nor as a battle cry; it has possibly lost its decisive and - notoriously problematic - definitional quality." (Photo: Andrzej Steinbach)
Hans-Jürgen Hafner: "At the same time, the problem has shifted: a rather riskless bashing of modernity – and its companions progress and enlightenment – is carried out particularly intensively by "progressive" sides, who de prove traditionally 'modern' in this sense, though." (Photo: Elena Conradi)
(Photo: Andrzej Steinbach)
(Photo: Andrzej Steinbach)
(Photo: Elena Conradi)
Hans-Jürgen Hafner: "Who wants to be called 'contemporary' forever?" (Photo: Elena Conradi)