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Briefing Room
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Commission d'expertise: Koen Brams

Seminar by Koen Brams on Galerie MTL and Le Bailli under the title "MTL or DTH? Fernand Spillemaeckers and …-art".

(Photo: Heiner Conradi)
Fernand Spillemaeckers: "He [Carl Andre] then fabricates an environment that imposes itself on no one, while still making an extremely impersonal, realistic sculpture. […] in doing so, he brings to light the authoritarian character of all previous art, which is quite an achievement, and explains the strong bond between art and every ruling power or class." (Photo: Heiner Conradi)
Fernand Spillemaeckers: "This means that Andre remains an artist who can be enjoyed above all in international events, but who, presented alone, must always more or less disappoint." (Photo: Elena Conradi)
Daniel Buren: "One might ask why so many precautions must be taken instead of merely putting one's work out in the normal fashion, leaving comment to the 'critics' and other professional gossip-columnists." (Photo: Andrzej Steinbach)
Daniel Buren: "The answer is very simple: complete rupture with art — such as it is envisaged, such as it is known, such as it is practiced — has become the only possible means of proceeding along the path of no return upon which thought must begin […]." (Photo: Andrzej Steinbach)
(Photo: Andrzej Steinbach)
(Photo: Elena Conradi)
(Photo: Andrzej Steinbach)
(Photo: Andrzej Steinbach)